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Traditional Japanese Martial Arts

Traditional Japanese Karate
At Saratoga Karate we are committed to providing traditional Japanese martial arts instruction.

Tenkara is a member of the International Martial Arts Association, vcialis 40mg the International Union of Martial Artists and the United States Shihankai Organization.

What is Tenkara?

Tenkara is a Japanese word which can be translated as “The Point of Origin” or “The Beginning”. Tenkara Karate is a Japanese style of karate with its roots based firmly in tradition – originating from Seido and Kokorokan. Tenkara training is comprehensive with special emphasis placed on love, store respect, and discipline. In the Japanese tradition, classes are taught in Japanese and consist of traditional Japanese forms, self-defense, sparring, endurance and strength conditioning. Weapons are also taught starting at the rank of Black Belt.

Tenkara endeavors to develop Karateka (karate students) of strong moral character as well as reinforce positive values which will transcend the dojo walls into everyday life.

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