Health Benefits of Karate

The health benefits of karate are consistent with most exercise with some very fun differences. For example, generic you get to yell really loudly in karate. You also exercise with other people. You make life-long friends, and you have the built-in goal of testing for higher belts or ranks.  And amidst all the fun are some serious health benefits such as the following.

Heart Health

I am not the official resource on heart health, but I think we can agree that the American Heart Association (AHA) is. Their recommendation includes:

 “All healthy adults get at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity on most – preferably all – days. All healthy adults (ages 18 to 65) should avoid inactivity and get at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity at least five days a week, OR at least 25 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity at least three days a week, for a total of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity.”

So, in other words, get moving! But if you find running too boring and walking too slow and you are unmotivated by exercise machines, then it may be time for you to try karate. It is definitely not boring, it certainly is not slow, and motivation comes in many forms including learning new material, learning new Japanese terminology, and of course there is testing for a new rank.

Sleep Health

What is “sleep health?” Well, as the National Sleep Foundation explains, it may not be easily defined as it is a relatively new field of research “exploring how we sleep and the factors that impact it.” However, we do know that sleep is important to humans and a few of the benefits include the following:

  • Cerebral spinal fluid that is pumped through the brain during sleep whisks away any waste products made by brain cells.
  • The heart is relieved of its awake-time work load thereby reducing heart rate as well as blood pressure.
  • During sleep, your body releases growth hormones that work to rebuild muscles and joints.

A study published in the December issue of the Journal Mental Health and Physical Activity found that people sleep significantly better and feel more alert during the day if they get at least 150 minutes of exercise a week. That is a mere 2.5 hours a week or 2 and a half Saratoga Karate classes.

Weight Loss

Practicing karate for an hour burns significant calories. Various calories burned charts will differ, however, dependent on your weight, the calories burned through karate can significantly supplement your weight loss efforts:

Weight 130lbs 155lbs 180lbs 205lbs
Calories Burned in Karate 420 570 720 870

To lose one pound within a week you have to burn or cut out about 3,500 calories from your diet. So you can delete about 500 calories a day or you could take a couple of karate classes during the week and not have to eliminate as much food.

 Stronger Immune System

Healthy-living strategies that include exercise and maintaining a healthy body weight increase the function of your immune system. Harvard Health agrees:

“Exercise can contribute to general good health and therefore to a healthy immune system. It may contribute even more directly by promoting good circulation, which allows the cells and substances of the immune system to move through the body freely and do their job efficiently.”

And when your immune system is working well, it can help you avoid illness. So, as most of the country heads into cold and flu season finding ways to strengthen your immune system is important.

Karate has so many benefits. Getting healthy and staying healthy are a couple of the best reasons to try a class today





Karate Lessons for Self-Improvement

Karate is one of the most popular fighting sports around the world. It can be aggressive, but it seldom is. This is why many people prefer it. It combines physical strength with an opportunity to master your strength and apply it moderately.

The Eastern fighting disciplines are all about strength, but they are actual philosophies unlike many other sports. Karate is a way of life and a way to teach yourself durability – both physical and psychological. This is why, around the world, there are so many clubs where you can enrol. Should you choose karate lessons for your kids as well? We think as much.

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Signing Up Your Kids at a Karate Club

Starting youngsters from a fragile age to attend karate classes is always a good choice. They will learn a lot about community, being a part of a team and helping each other. Of course, you might fear that karate is a little too violent. Well, the truth is that it depends on the sensei.

If your children are attending a club where the sensei stresses the importance of values such as mutual respect, help and never using force against another person, then you have certainly found a place where your kids will be nurtured.

Of course, studying how to be self-reliant and even physically strong is no downside and that’s one of the main takeaways from signing your kid for karate lessons. The best clubs come with great opportunities for development, too.

Your kids will start at one of the lower dans, but they will gradually increase their knowledge and proceed to the higher echelons of the karate world. It’s important to let kids grow and develop within the structure of the club, so some research may be necessary before you proceed.

Check If the Karate Club Meets Your Standards

You needn’t be a blackbelt karate master to decide what’s best for your children. It’s in fact quite simple and all you need to do is study the reviews and opinions of the said karate club. It’s quite easy to get a hold of what’s going there and check out for yourself what lessons are on offer.

A great site will also have all disciplines that are being taught, including self-defence, traditional classes and more. If you are interested, you can also sign up for the karate lessons. Signing up as an adult and accompanying your kid is in fact a great opportunity to bond with the younger generations.

Do remember, though, that depending on your own age, you will probably be less flexible and therefore having a slightly more difficult time adapting to intense physical training. Oftentimes, some older participants who re just signing up will end up with certain problems after suffering a trauma in their groin region.

Bildergebnis für karate

However, this is usually a psychological problem rather than an actual physical injury. If you need some extra help, you can always check out a comparison of potency products and get something weak and non-prescribed meds.

The non-prescribed meds will help a bit with the blood flow which will quickly restore your normal function. Karate can lead to certain injuries, but once again, we remind you not to obsess over them lest you turn the issue into a long-lasting one.

 A Great Karate Club Will Avoid Injuries

Everything in the karate club is done and organized in a way that will protect participants. With this being said, you will be taught how to protect yourself, but more importantly – protect your fellow students. Regardless of your age, you must stick to the rules and never cause harm or you will be disqualified.

Thankfully, with proper training, karate will not only make you physically stronger, it will also balance those racing emotions that often take hold over reason and push us into ill-considered choices. It’s important to always stay on your emotions, and even more so when you practice karate. Whatever your age and your motivation, this fighting discipline from the East will always help you to lead a lifestyle that makes you at piece with yourself. You will be pleased and thrilled and very possibly enjoying yourself all along.

We recommend to carefully study the karate club you want to join. Make sure that the place where you are signing up is accepting and helpful and you can get a lot done and learn a lot as well. Ultimately, it’s up to you to benefit from your attendance, so make sure to listen to your sensei. If you want to sign up your kids, you can do this just as well.

Should Boys Do Spots or Arts?

Here comes an interesting question indeed. Should boys do sports or arts? Well, there is no easy answer here and we know that you may be inclined to think more conventionally. Yes, a boy is supposed to attend football or soccer trainings. He is supposed to like karate or other physical activities, but this is not always the case.

Some boys prefer to sing, draw, or play a musical instrument and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. There is also a third type of boys who would much rather do all of this together, without discriminating between physical and artistic activity. It’s often the case that these children have a lot on their plate and as a good parent, you should advice your kid to do what he thinks is best.


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Parents that Have Chosen Arts over Sports

Some parents are also more inclined to pursue sports and they have their entire lifetime. Fathers are more into physical and contact activities such as basketball, soccer, and even hockey. Karate and martial arts also comes up on the list, but the truth is that there is no reason why people shouldn’t pursue arts with equal passion.

Let’s first check out what the benefits of sports are. Some people dismiss physical activities as a waste of time, but they are hardly that. Sports will teach you how to be more determined in pursuing certain goals and also teach you good habits such as going to bed at certain hours to be able to perform well the next day – whether it’s at work or at an exam.

There are many things that you can come to appreciate as a result of your training. The regime that you are teaching yourself will help you excel later in life. Physical activity also helps reduce stress and anxiety which are crucial to sound sleep and having the mental energy to perform well after a good night’s sleep.

Disrupted sleeping patterns can lead to some conditions that men find embarrassing. ED is one of those, but despite what popular culture may think, ED is quite common and it happens to around 30% of the male population at one point in their life. There is an easy way to give yourself a slight boost, though, that will help you get things back to normal.

All you have to do is visit a certified pharmacy that sells efficient and healthy products: ED can occur as a result of a physical trauma, so do make sure to double check with a doctor before you take any pills or start self-medicating.

Arts Can Teach You Important Lessons Too

Art is also important and as far as studying it goes, we believe it will be worth every minute you spend on it. If you are looking on picking up skills of self-expression, you can choose from so many things out there right now. Artistic expression is not limited to just painting. In fact, being able to create appealing visuals is a marketable skill today and one that you can apply across various industries, including:

All of these professions are heavily reliant on artistic expression so if you or your child studies visual arts, they will definitely be able to land a job as long as they have a genuine interest and the desire to create beauty. Teaching yourself skills such as drawing and graphic design is really just about – spending sufficient time learning.

Many people dismiss these professions as too talent-based, but the truth is that training and determination plays a huge part in all of it. You may have the desire to create beautiful things, but completely lack the means and understanding to execute beautiful things.

However, all that is truly needed is just that – your desire to create beautiful things. And don’t worry about talent – it’s all about hard work. As to getting results – you will know when you have created something beautiful when you see it.

A Final Thought on Physical Activities and Visual Arts

Ultimately, it will always be up to you to decide which activity brings you the most joy. Physical activity is important and we would argue that you can find your passion for sports just as well as for arts. Sports can also be beautiful especially when you consider gymnastics and ice-skating, among others. It’s entirely up to you to decide what appeals to you the most, but remember not to overlook an activity just because you are used to thinking in a traditional way. Embrace both sports and arts and see for yourself.

The Origins of “Tenkara”

The name Tenkara, decease which means “point of origin, view ” was chosen because I wanted the dojo to be grounded in the roots of traditional Japanese karate, as taught by the masters such as Ginchin Funakoshi.
Funakoshi Gichin

I recommend reading his book, Karate-do: My Way of Life, to get a more complete understanding of the roots of traditional Japanese karate. He not only explains the origins of the use of the “empty hand,” he emphasizes important points such as:

  • You must be serious in training
  • Train with both hearth and soul
  • Avoid self-conceit and dogmatism
  • Try to see yourself as you truly are
  • Abide by the rules of ethics in your daily life, whether in public or private

This is why training in Tenkara is hard, but also based on love, compassion, understanding and respect.  Through this teaching, the Tenkara student is well-rounded in his or her approach to martial arts and self-defense. Additionally, outside the dojo, the student strives to help humankind and the world in which we live.

Tenkara endeavors to develop Karateka (karate students) of strong moral character as well as reinforce positive values which will transcend the dojo walls into everyday life; just as Master Funakoshi meant for karate to be practiced.

Karate is one of the most refined of the martial arts and it is for everyone. As Master Funakoshi wrote:

“One of the most striking features of karate is that it may be engaged in by anybody, young or old, strong or weak, male or female . . . someone whose desire is merely to stay healthy and to train his mind and spirit may do so by practicing karate…”

lenaThis is why in Tenkara, students are the same, regardless of perceived differences. It is indeed a dojo for everyone “whose desire is merely to stay healthy and to train his mind and spirit.”

The strength of the school is determined by the dedication of our individual members. And I thank the dedication of each and every member.

To learn more about Tenkara visit

5 Surprising Benefits Of Karate For Adults

Besides the regular self-defense skills and weight loss advantages you are prone to benefit from while practicing a form of karate or mixed martial arts, there are a few additional reasons why you should consider this activity. If you are curious to know what are a few of these surprising benefits of karate, these next lines should help.

#1: Getting Rid Of Unhealthy Habits

Lots of people are struggling with self-control problems when it comes to the things they put into their system, ranging from the food they eat to the drinks they choose to have on a regular basis or the drugs they ingest. Discipline is critical for keeping your mind and body in perfect balance and under control at all times. Martial arts can help you quit smoking or drinking and turn your diet into a healthier one with more benefits for your overall well-being.

Lots of people who do karate have managed to quit smoking after many long years of struggle or achieve sobriety. Karate can help anyone find a new point of focus and open the gates to a healthy alternative to alcohol ingestion or substance abuse. It's not only children that can take advantage of the self-discipline this sport can teach, so if you are an adult dealing with any type of bad life habit, you should give karate a shot.

#2: Building More Confidence

Karate is also known and highly-praised for its ability to help people feel more confident. Whether you are a shy person or you do not know how to carry yourself with enough authority, karate will give you the inner strength and confidence you need to get over your fears. You will learn how to embrace your flaws and imperfections and stop being self-conscious. Martial arts teach a good mix of confidence and humbleness that is necessary when practicing the sport, as well as in any other life instances.

#3: Accepting Your Body

Karate training can also aid you to build a more powerful connection between your mind ad body. Acceptance will come easier to you, once you will fully embrace the specific body awareness that is triggered by learning new things. How is this possible? It's simple; you need to be fully aware of your body once you are ready to learn a new skill. The more you will train, the easier it will be to notice if your body is lacking something or when it is time to be more patient or get more energy.

Some people will even experience a breakthrough once they will look at their body differently thanks to the profound teachings that this sport is known to give. You may feel the need to drop the junk food and exercise more not because you want to be skinny, but rather because you want to have a more fit body and perform better at karate. Plus, you will want to be in better shape to be able to protect yourself and your loved ones in case of a threat,

This might also bring you to think about your family's security while you're at the karate class and you will want to look at a few locksmith prices here and take additional home security measures. Remember your number one weapon against potential risks is a sturdy lock on your main entrance and a top alarm system to keep intruders at bay. A professional locksmith can help you assess your exact needs and recommend the best modern-day solutions, ranging from electronic or biometric locks to remote alarm and surveillance systems you can control with your smartphone.

#4: Improving Your Mental Health


Depression and anxiety are two of the most dreaded mental health issues millions of people from all corners of the world are currently dealing with. If you too are dealing with one or the other, you are advised to embrace more physical activities to better control your symptoms. You may experience various emotional states before working out, and feel your mind is clear and lucid once your karate sessions are over. Plus, being surrounded by equally passionate karate lovers should also give you a better support system.

#5: Making Better Life Choices

Once you will learn exactly how to transform your body into a genuine weapon, you should be able to gain even more self-control that will prevent you from using this weapon too lightly. You should, in other words, be a lot more prepared when it comes to making various decisions, no matter what walk of life you might need to decide upon. Everything from deciding if you should have a cheat day from your diet to the substances you will put into your body will become a much more aware decision for you.

Is Sports Betting The Best Form Of Gambling?

Sports betting is a fun and engaging activity that revolves around predicting the results of sports while wagering on the outcome with the intent of earning money. The majority of sports bets in most of the world's cultures are placed on football, baseball, basketball, and hockey, to name a few of the top favorites. But bets can also be placed on different kinds of events that are not related to athletics. For example, one can place a bet on a TV contest or the results of upcoming elections in their country. We should also mention the popular casino bets on blackjack, poker, craps, or baccarat, where gamblers play fun games and try to beat the house edge to win money. These games require a mix of various skills, knowledge of basic game play rules, practice, and luck in order to help players win.

Sports Betting VS Casino Gambling: Gross Gambling

Official forecasts for the casino industry talk about revenues prone to reach 130 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. The number of social casino gamers also seems to be growing as we speak. The global casino market was predicted to reach 3.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2018. Macau, an administrative region in China, is the world leader of the casino market. It has taken over Las Vegas, now the second largest and, by far, the most famous casino market on the planet.

The leaders of the industry are the ones that offer complete packages in terms of leisure, featuring gambling facilities, shopping malls, hotel resorts, and a series of entertainment complexes. But the online casino industry is also important to mention. Its impressively rapid and consistent growth over the past few years has doubled between 2009 and 2016. Plus, its market volume is predicted to reach close to 60 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. Places like enable novice players with zero experience and long-term, high stakes players alike to try their luck and test their skills on a nonstop basis. The excellent welcome bonuses and promotions offered to loyal or new players add more to the list of reasons why so many people choose to go online to quench their thirst for gambling.

At the same time, the total value of the sports betting industry is difficult to estimate because of the lack of consistency in its regulation in certain regions of the world. Sports betting amounts up to 40 percent of the international gambling market. The gross gaming yields to more than 400 billion U.S. dollars on a yearly basis. Asia is also the greatest market for sports betting.

Sports Betting VS Casino Gambling: Entertainment Value

Betting on one's favorite sports is simple and does not require any special skills or background knowledge base. However, there are a few basic aspects to know, but they are straightforward and easy to comprehend/memorize. Rooting for your all-time favorite football or baseball team during a game you've placed a bet on will definitely add more to the excitement. However, there is nothing more you can do to change the outcome of a game, unless you are a player yourself.

On the other hand, casino games require you to play against other players, use your skills, wisdom, experience, and freshly learned strategies and change the outcome of a game. You can improve your odds of winning against other players or the house with lots of practice. Online gambling venues are excellent destinations in this regard. Players who are not entirely familiar with a certain game, and who do not want to spend an arm and a leg acquiring new skills can try free, casino games. They can take advantage of special bonsues and casino money and place their bets and wagers without fear of going bankrupt. Welcome bonuses – also present in the sports betting industry – enable new players to spend more time playing their favorite games without jeopardizing their bankroll since day one.

You can practice your card counting skills for the game of blackjack; it's a skill that takes a lot of practice to master, and if you have always had a passion for Maths, you are prone to have fun. Slot games are colorful, cheerful, and captivating. They feature bonus rounds, special symbols that can be collected, and entire storylines you can follow and get lost in.

Gambling enables players to enjoy a wide diversity of choices, play for free in fun or practice mode, and constantly try new games locations. Sports betting is good for casual gamblers who wish to enjoy a few hours of entertainment for small stakes.

How To Start A Karate School From Little Or Nothing

Yeah, it sounds pretty much like a joke, but the fact is that if you feel that you have some entrepreneurial skills nothing can stop you from reaching your dream. And, what’s even better, you can hope to start your business from little or no money!

In the industry of martial arts schools, you will surely have to face many competitors, since martial arts are very popular nowadays. However, that’s not going to be a big concern for you, because not all martial art schools are focused on the same martial arts. There are Korean, Chinese, Japanese martial arts and even more: in such a wide jungle of different variants of martial arts, your actual competitors are surely less numerous than you might believe!

Reasons To Start A Karate Schoola karate teacher with child

Let’s say that you want to focus on karate, the popular Japanese martial art that millions of followers and fans love all over the world. Before you launch yourself and your money into a karate school, make sure that you are fully aware of all your responsibilities, tasks and obligations as an owner of a karate school.

Then, take into account the following points:

  • Make sure that your potential competitors aren’t that numerous in your location, otherwise, you will struggle a bit at the beginning in order to break into the market.

  • Define the reasons why you want to be an owner of a karate school: is it because you want to utilize your passion for karate? Or is it because you really want to become an entrepreneur? Try to answer these questions, so you will know your position as to your business project.

  • A marketing plan is a most essential element that you need. Although many new business owners tend to underestimate the value and role of a marketing plan, try to contact a professional who can help you define your business model in an effective way.

  • A karate school is a money-demanding venture to run… today you can count on a large variety of bank loans and other forms of financing, so you will be facilitated from a financial point of view. Anyways, start to save money in advance for your school.

  • Equipment and other specific tools for training are essential elements for every martial arts school. Know what you have to provide your school with and make sure to observe all security obligations in your door

  • Security doors represent a fundamental element: make sure to contact the best commercial locksmiths in your location to get informed about the most advacnced and appropriate security doors for your school. Keep in mind that security doors and windows need regular maintenance: this is the most common reason why millions of people need to call a locksmith for urgent assistance at Most emergencies that occur with security doors can be easily avoided if you plan a maintenance schedule in advance. Anyways, if you cannot foresee a sudden emergency, remember that Get Locksmith can help you 24/7.

  • Give your karate school a great name and a logo! Your school name shouldn’t be that complicated otherwise nobody will remember it! Get inspiration from existing karate schools, but try to give something original and unique to your school name. A logo design is a crucial part of the job: ideally, a business logo should be simple, using two / three colors, it has to connect to the school name.

  • Ad campaigns is another important side of the launchement of a new business. Organize events or take part in local events that might help you gain a larger visibility in your specific market. Offer coupons and discounts to your first customers, so they will surely spread the word about your school among their friends!child training karate

  • As a karate school, you will have to provide your customers with plenty of karate courses: launch a campaign to attract as many karate teachers as you can and take all the necessary time to test their skills and view their CVs, ask for their availability at work and more.

  • As to karate courses, it’s fundamental that your school offers separate courses for different ages. So, plan a few karate course for children, kids, young adults, women, men and even for seniors. Today, the number of seniors who are interested in martial arts is increasing – don’t forget that retired seniors have more free time to spend on sports than young adults!