How To Start A Karate School From Little Or Nothing

Yeah, it sounds pretty much like a joke, but the fact is that if you feel that you have some entrepreneurial skills nothing can stop you from reaching your dream. And, what’s even better, you can hope to start your business from little or no money!

In the industry of martial arts schools, you will surely have to face many competitors, since martial arts are very popular nowadays. However, that’s not going to be a big concern for you, because not all martial art schools are focused on the same martial arts. There are Korean, Chinese, Japanese martial arts and even more: in such a wide jungle of different variants of martial arts, your actual competitors are surely less numerous than you might believe!

Reasons To Start A Karate Schoola karate teacher with child

Let’s say that you want to focus on karate, the popular Japanese martial art that millions of followers and fans love all over the world. Before you launch yourself and your money into a karate school, make sure that you are fully aware of all your responsibilities, tasks and obligations as an owner of a karate school.

Then, take into account the following points:

  • Make sure that your potential competitors aren’t that numerous in your location, otherwise, you will struggle a bit at the beginning in order to break into the market.

  • Define the reasons why you want to be an owner of a karate school: is it because you want to utilize your passion for karate? Or is it because you really want to become an entrepreneur? Try to answer these questions, so you will know your position as to your business project.

  • A marketing plan is a most essential element that you need. Although many new business owners tend to underestimate the value and role of a marketing plan, try to contact a professional who can help you define your business model in an effective way.

  • A karate school is a money-demanding venture to run… today you can count on a large variety of bank loans and other forms of financing, so you will be facilitated from a financial point of view. Anyways, start to save money in advance for your school.

  • Equipment and other specific tools for training are essential elements for every martial arts school. Know what you have to provide your school with and make sure to observe all security obligations in your door

  • Security doors represent a fundamental element: make sure to contact the best commercial locksmiths in your location to get informed about the most advacnced and appropriate security doors for your school. Keep in mind that security doors and windows need regular maintenance: this is the most common reason why millions of people need to call a locksmith for urgent assistance at Most emergencies that occur with security doors can be easily avoided if you plan a maintenance schedule in advance. Anyways, if you cannot foresee a sudden emergency, remember that Get Locksmith can help you 24/7.

  • Give your karate school a great name and a logo! Your school name shouldn’t be that complicated otherwise nobody will remember it! Get inspiration from existing karate schools, but try to give something original and unique to your school name. A logo design is a crucial part of the job: ideally, a business logo should be simple, using two / three colors, it has to connect to the school name.

  • Ad campaigns is another important side of the launchement of a new business. Organize events or take part in local events that might help you gain a larger visibility in your specific market. Offer coupons and discounts to your first customers, so they will surely spread the word about your school among their friends!child training karate

  • As a karate school, you will have to provide your customers with plenty of karate courses: launch a campaign to attract as many karate teachers as you can and take all the necessary time to test their skills and view their CVs, ask for their availability at work and more.

  • As to karate courses, it’s fundamental that your school offers separate courses for different ages. So, plan a few karate course for children, kids, young adults, women, men and even for seniors. Today, the number of seniors who are interested in martial arts is increasing – don’t forget that retired seniors have more free time to spend on sports than young adults!

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