Martial Arts And Their 12 Benefits For Your Child

Children need all of our attention, their particular age requires parents to be attentive to multiple factors in the same time. School and study represent only two aspects of the growth of all children and teens. Along with school and homeworks there are also more factors, like their psychological and physical development.

Sports resutl to be extremaly helpful to strenghten both sides of their growth and certain sports are excellent to improve their physical development and mental skills.

What Can Martial Arts Actually Do For Your Child?

Provided that all sports are good to releave tension and stress and to overcome anxiety and depression, martial arts turn out to be exceptionally helpful for specific aspects, of which the most relevant are the following ones:

  1. Self-defense – martial arts are the world’s most powerful way to learn self-defense strategies and movements that might be helpful also in everyday life situations. The most common self-defense movements include kicking, blocking, punching techniques.

  2. Mental focus – when learning martial arts (no matter what specific martial art), children actually learn to stay attentive to their instructor’s words and guidelines. It’s been proven that the children’s attention span improves rapidly thanks topractiving martial arts on a regular basis.martial arts benefits

  3. Socialization – the social aspect is fundamental when it comes to all sports and in particular to martial arts. Teamwork is an important part of martial arts and one of the main goals of all instructors is to build a good social environment among their pupils, teaching them how to interact and how to work together in a competitive yet leaceful way.

  4. Self-control – in life there’s nothing more important than self-control. How many times have you personally experienced situations when you struggled to keep control of yourself? Well, martial arts teach pupils to control their own emotions and physical reactions.

  5. Decision making – this is another very important skill that we all should have in everyday life. Decision making can be greatly improved by practicing martial arts. The pupils have to be focused on what they should do to fight against their opposants rather than be doing something else.

  6. Physical posture – all sports are important as they teach children a good posture, especially when it comes to neck, shoulders and back. Exercises for martial arts are proven to be very helpful to build strong balance and appropriate posture.

  7. Memory skill – probably, most people don’t know that martial arts are an exceptional physical activity to play to improve memory skills. Each movement and technique requires the pupils to learn from a physical point of view, building up their “muscular memory” which is their skill to remember movements in a perfect way.

  8. Responsibility – If you think that martial arts are just another sport to play for children, you are probably missing another important aspect of martial arts, which is self-discipline and sense of responsibility. Children are given simple tasks that are meant to help them build their awareness about themselves and the other team members.

  9. Healthy benefits – like all sports, martial arts can give children a healthy living since their early ages. The sooner a child starts to learn martial arts, the fittest he/she stays while growing older. Breathing techniques and other specific aspects play their role in strenghtening all children’s healthy conditions.

  10. Coordination – the movements that all children can learn while practicing martial arts have strong benefits on their motor skills and coordination capability. In fact, each single movement involves multiple areas of the children’s body, which helps build coordination over time.

  11. Self-confidence – this is one of the most important psychological aspects that are part of the growth of children. Self-confidence is fundamental to grow as an adult and face life with a positive attitude. Self-confidense means to be able to deal with oneself and with the others winning all life challenges. When children work to gain their next belt level, they actually learn the importance of working for a result.

  12. Respect – one of the typical features of martial arts is respect for the others. All cultures in the Asiatic continent have a particular attitude for respect, which is part of their life since centuries. Children who practice a martial art learn the importance of respecting rules and the opposants, as well as their instructors.

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