Nationwide Student Loan Information Systems (NSLDS)

Nationwide Student Loan Information Systems (NSLDS)

The National scholar Loan information System (NSLDS) may be the U.S Department of Education’s (ED’s) main database for pupil help. NSLDS gets data from schools, guaranty agencies, the Direct Loan system, along with other Department of ED programs. NSLDS scholar Access offers a central, built-in view of Title IV loans and grants to make certain that recipients of Title IV help have access to and ask about their Title IV loans and/or grant data. Pupil info is offered by NSLDS.

Pupils must sign in due to their Federal Student help (FSA) ID.

Entrance Counseling

Entrance Loan Counseling and a Master Promissory Note (MPN) are needed for brand new, first-time borrowers. Loans will likely not disburse without these documents being completed.

Complete Direct Loan Entrance Counseling and /or the Direct Loan Master Promissory Note when you go to figuratively speaking.

For instructional videos on Entrance Loan Counseling while the Master Promissory Note find the after links:

Direct PLUS Loans (Parent Loans)

For moms and dads of reliant undergraduate pupils as well as for graduate or professional pupils; debtor is in charge of all interest; pupil must certanly be enrolled at the very least half-time; financial need is certainly not required; go to Federal scholar help for present interest levels.

Private Training Loans (Alternate Loans)

Personal figuratively speaking can be found through a number of banking institutions along with other loan providers. Pupils wanting personal loan must use individually from their school funding application with a specific loan provider. The very best prices on these loans are often agreed to borrowers with good credit and/or that have a cosigner with good credit.

Chosen Lender Arrangements/Preferred Lender List

Oakland Community university will not suggest or endorse any lender or bank. Oakland Community university won’t have a Preferred Lender Arrangement and/or a Preferred Lender List. Oakland Community College will not provide help pupils and families inside their look for, or report about, personal figuratively speaking. Pupils and/or moms and dads must conduct their research separately.

The mortgage quantity should be limited by the price of Attendance minus student economic assistance provided throughout the loan amount of the personal application for the loan. Oakland Community College’s duty is always to approve the mortgage.

Oakland Community university makes use of a digital procedure administered by ELM Resources to process loans from any loan provider. ELMNet is definitely an internet-based system that assists schools and financial institutions handle pupil information. ELMNet has an available and lender-neutral platform. ELM just isn’t connected to any loan provider.

Application Process

Pupils connect with the financial institution of these choice. Lenders determine eligibility for the loan that is credit-worthy. The financial institution can decide to:

  • Forward pupil information to ELM who sends loan that is approved to OCC to validate enrollment and eligibility, or
  • Forward a paper application to OCC to validate and certify the loan


Loan Disbursements records are provided for ELM from loan providers become disbursed to Oakland Community university electronically. Disbursements happen almost every other Thursday; these times coincide with Oakland Community university disbursement times. Loan funds are deposited to the OCC account to be disbursed to recipients.

For paper applications, disbursements through the banking institutions are delivered via paper checks co-payable to OCC as well as the pupil.

Code of Conduct for Figuratively Speaking

Oakland Community College adheres up to a Code of Conduct for Student Loans that prohibits inducements or incentives by personal lenders.

Loan Consolidation

That you make only one monthly payment allows you to combine loans so. You can easily combine any or all your loans — you select. There isn’t any expense for your requirements to combine. You can easily reduce the attention price on the Loans in the event that you consolidate throughout your grace duration. The Loan Servicer will help you aided by the loan consolidation procedure.

Handling Your Loan Repayments

Principles of handling your loan repayments as soon as you leave OCC:

Exit Counseling

Pupils whom withdraw, graduate or enroll at under six (6) credits must finish an exit guidance as needed federal regulations.

The objective of exit guidance is always to offer pupils utilizing the information necessary to handle education loan financial obligation. Exit guidance can be acquired for online conclusion at Federal scholar help. To gain access to the counseling that is online students will require an FSA ID. The guidance session should just just take about thirty minutes to perform. When expected to choose college make sure to select Oakland Community College.

The Student Financial Resources and Scholarships Office at any campus if you have any questions regarding your Exit Loan Counseling requirement, please contact.

Your Grace Duration (Before You loan that is repay your

The elegance duration starts once you graduate, fall to below half-time or withdraw through the university. It’s going to continue for 6 consecutive months. In the event that you don’t use the total a few months and go back to college, it is possible to regain your complete elegance duration in the event that you straight away register a deferment kind at the new college. The the next time you complete an application or stop going to college, you should have the entire 6-month elegance period accessible to you. As soon as you make use of the entire 6 consecutive months of one’s elegance duration, it’s gone forever. You can obtain deferment of principal payments by filing a deferment form if you begin repayment and return to school. However, whenever you finalize the next educational program or stop attendance, you won’t have elegance duration and repayment will start straight away.

Loan Calculators

These calculators can help in determining your education loan requirements:

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