New Student Info

Saratoga Karate Offers:karate-workout

  • Experienced Black Belt Instructors
  • Class instruction taught in Japanese
  • Wholesome family environment
  • Affordable monthly tuition
    • NO contracts
    • NO sign-up fees
    • NO initiation fees
    • Separate class for ages 4 to 7

The Tenkara Karate-Do Organization is always interested in finding new students of the right character, story  attitude and willingness to work hard. We feel that the strength of our school is determined by the dedication of our individual members.

No one is either too young or too old to benefit from a Tenkara Karate education.

We recommend you a try a class before joining.



I wanted to learn a traditional martial art that translates across cultures. I wanted the same for my son who now has a bridge to the Asian culture as well confidence and discipline that is grounded in love and respect.”  ~Student, online mother of student, pharm MBA-college professor

The Tenkara dojo is mission-driven. The instructors strive to teach students the discipline and respect of traditional Japanese karate. You can’t buy a belt, each rank is earned and every student gains more confidence in themselves as they move up in rank.” ~Mother of black belt and brown belt students

“Saratoga Karate has been a wonderful experience for our children. We have been very pleased to watch as their confidence and skill continue to grow. The Tenkara instructors and students offer a true sense of belonging and treat each other like family.”  ~Father of son and daughter at Tenkara for over 10 years



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