Self Defense

Self defense is for everyone!

Many people believe that you have to be a master in karate or another form of martial arts to protect yourself. This is simply not true. You should, for sale however, stomach attend a self-defense seminar to learn techniques that you understand well and can continue practicing.

self-defense-2Using parts of the body that can easily become weapons are the self defense techniques that work the best and happen to be the easiest to remember. Those body parts include the palm of the hand, back of the fist, elbow, knees, fingertips, and instep. Learning and practicing how to use these parts of your anatomy can be the difference between fighting off an attacker successfully and being unable to do so.

A lesson in self defense at Saratoga Karate will make you aware of your weapons. We all have them! Plan to take a self-defense class as soon as possible.

Attend a self defense seminar at Saratoga Karate or contact us to arrange a personal seminar for your organization.


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