Top 5 Surprising Benefits of Tenkara Karate

Practicing karate, in general, comes with a series of advantages that are hard to ignore. Besides it being an amazingly efficient form of physical activity that trains the whole body, karate also promotes a healthy heart, as well as significantly enhanced karateflexibility and body strength. If you are also looking for a new workout to help you tone up those muscles and gain more balance, this is the sport for you. If you grew up loving all those Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan movies, you would probably enjoy the idea of learning karate yourself, whether it is for your physical well-being, as a new hobby, or as a means of impressing your friends. We recommend you give Tenkara a try and start enjoying its many benefits. Here are a few of them listed within the next few lines.

#1: Tenkara Helps You Be More Confident In Your Own Strengths

More often than not, people will lose their focus and ability to act in times of pressure (when being assaulted in the street, for example), because of the panic that tends to install whenever the brain feels you are in danger.

Not having enough confidence in your actual physical abilities and capacity to defend yourself using moves you have been taught in class will also trigger a similar effect. Karate will help you gain more self-control and self-confidence thanks to the belt ranking testing system that allows students to feel a high sense of accomplishment once they have proven they are capable of obtaining their belts. After 3 to 6 months of intense practice, students will perfect their techniques and reach their goals of getting the desired belt they have been working hard to get.

Karate helps build more confidence at the thought of being able to reach brand new levels of physical skills.

#2: Tenkara Relieves Accumulated Stress

Lots of people go out for a run whenever they feel the need to cool off, make an important decision or simply ease off and get rid of some accumulated stress over the course of a few weeks or months. Physical exercise has been proven to boost the general health of a person, as well as their overall sense of feeling good. Workouts are known to help you relax and offer the right kind of stimuli in order to calm you down and help you get rid of depression and long- or short-term stress. Clinical trials have effectively treated people suffering from anxiety.

Karate classes will help you enjoy a fixed schedule that will guarantee you will be getting the right amount of physical activity on a constant basis. You will be more consistent and diligent, which should help you with many other compartments. For example, if you feel you need more discipline when you play online pokies for real money on your favorite websites, karate could help you become a lot more organized and determined to reach your goals, set a limited bankroll, practice your skills as needed and basically improve your gameplay.

#3: Tenkara Introduces You To A Whole New Family

Are you familiar with the idea of “karate dojo”? Think of it as an amazing family-like system that allows you to make friends, set goals together and collaborate in order to achieve them. You will be reuniting with people who share the same passion and desires and receive the support you need during and after each class.

If you feel like you would like to know new people or simply feel like you belong to a group of folks with a common system of beliefs, the dojo family is right for you.

#4: Tenkara Improves Your Self-Defense Skills

Any form of karate and tenkara, in general, will help you be a lot more confident when it comes to your self-defence skills. This, in turn, will help you better assess situations where you might feel your physical integrity is being threatened It will also help you be better at managing to avoid such situations in the first place, giving you a sixth sense when it comes to sniffing danger and potentially risky scenarios.

#5: Tenkara Energizes You

Constant and efficient workouts allow you to enjoy higher levels of energy. The explanation is quite simple: your blood flow is known to get significantly better when engaged in any form of physical activity, which in turn will improve the flow of oxygen into your body and make you feel more energetic, alive and willing to accomplish more things, be it at a physical or mental level.

Plus, if you are having trouble sleeping, this form of karate should also help you improve your sleep habits and even help you wake up more energetic the following day. You will also get to experience improved balance at a psychological level and feel more at peace with your own existence.

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